The Premiere EVENT

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Breathe in…
Here’s something refreshing.

“Something chic and quite epic is brewing in the creative minds of three young women. AV, Carter, and Faith are hosting the lifestyle event “THE PREMIERE!”

THE PREMIERE will be the quintessential gay lifestyle event. This chic affair is something that will entice your partying appetite while still providing the most positive and social atmosphere. We are confident that this event will be the first of many more lifestyle parties, providing our eclectic and stylish guests with the perfect environment to let loose and live! THE PREMIERE will feature two different DJs with two very unique and edgy sounds.

Come out and be a part of THE PREMIERE! Indulge in an event that will not only be entertaining, but will be the years best lifestyle event in the D.C. area. To miss it would be like dying a virgin :-)”

#Shout Out to Fire, for developing an amazing pitch.

The Premiere Event

The Warehouse Loft
411 New York Ave. N.E
Washington, D.C 20002
Age: 21 and over

$10: Before 11
$ 15: 11 – 12
$ 20: After

Dress Code: Be yourself.

Here is our Virtual Invitation…
We invite you


Special Shout-out to Ariane Valle
Next post will display great images featuring Ariane Valle, the model in the flyer. Without hesitation, she was more than willing to help us out by creating great visuals that express our vision for this event. Thanks again, Ariane. Photo-shoot images coming soon…


What would you name your child?

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Jamaican Cribs- Elephant Man

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I thought I was a fan of Apple and their Mac products but sheesh.
Check out this trailer for a real movie called MacHeads, which features Apple users emoting for the camera how Macs changed their lives.

Stay cool and mac lol,

American Apparel does it again…

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Purchase your Unisex Legalize Gay Baby Rib Brief here

Terrem Tresia

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next on my list.


The Kid and The Kilt

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Random post, just because I love this guy. Here is Kid Cudi, spotted at his New Year’s Eve party in Miami, looking rather individualistic if you ask me. Dressed in a kilt with retro Air Jordans. I feel like some people will look at this picture and automatically think negative thoughts. But hey…I say “keep em uncomfortable yet interested, Kid.”

Stay cool,